Recent activities


January 2017
I transfered from the University of Dundee to Heriot-Watt University.


28-29 November 2016
I am taking part in organisation of Workshop on Coalgebra, Horn Clause Logic Programming and Types Workshop webpage»
5-11 September 2016
I attended LOPSTR'16 and PPDP'16 as a student volunteer. I presented a paper on Coinductive Soundness of Corecursive Type Class Resolution. See publications»
April - September 2016
I am staying at the MACS, Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh as a visiting student.


31 October - 4 September 2015
As a student volunteer, I attended ICFP'15 and Haskell Symposium'15 in Vancouver.
15 June 2015
I helped organising SPLS at the University of St Andrews. Seminar webpage»
3-5 June 2015
I attended TFP'15 in Sophia Antipolis.
12 May 2015
I helped organising the Workshop on Type Inference and Automated Proving. Recordings and talk slides are online. View details»